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Immeuble CAPSUD, 12 rue Pascal Xavier COSTE, 13016 MARSEILLE

  +33 4 91 32 81 80



9 Rue André Darbon, 33300 BORDEAUX

  +33 5 35 54 83 65



90 Route de Frans, 69400 VILLEFRANCHE-SUR-SAONE

  +33 4 28 39 02 90



31 Place Galilée, 21000 DIJON

  +33 3 73 27 52 33




An experienced team at your service for any need of survey, advice, control, training :

Marseille surveyors:
  • Laurent LE BORGNE (Cert. EEA transports)
  • Mathieu TROUVE (Cert. EEA transports)
  • Theo GOMEZ
  • Sylvain PAILLERET (Captain 1st class)

  • Bordeaux surveyor:
  • Antonio HERRERA

  • Lyon surveyor:
  • Frédéric SERENNES (Cert. EEA transports)

  • Dijon surveyor:
  • Amine KOUADA

  • Surveyors assistants:
  • Moriah SEBBAH
  • Fanny CLARET
  • Jacqueline LORMIER
  • Skills and confidentiality

    Every file is handled by professionally skilled, experienced and knowledgeable workers, able to bring your requests to fruition.

    Impartiality and integrity

    We are not affiliated with any Insurance Company or Entity and we do offer a complete independant view, faithfully transposed in our reports.

    Quality and reactivity

    From A to Z, every file received is treated with rapidity and the highest level of dedication.


    VERITECH is based in Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon and Dijon, and can operate and travel easily and quickly around the whole Mediterranean basin, directly and rapidly, or even abroad for specific needs.

    20 years of work experience in France or abroad, and more particularly in Europe and Africa, has allowed us to strengthen our partnership network, and acknowledge any request quickly.

    We are always moving with the new technologies ; hence we can offer a vast sideline of services that we are constantly improving in order to be more responsive and effective.